Clay paint


Clay paint makes the living environment breathe

Clay paint is a solvent-free wall and ceiling paint that allows the substrate to breathe. Thanks to the loam, this paint becomes moisture regulating. In short, this means that clay paint absorbs moisture, stores it and releases it back into the air. This positive influence on the air quality means that people are less likely to suffer from asthma or other problems with their respiratory tract.

Choose from 170 beautiful colors

Clay paint from Ecotec Natural Paints has a color palette of 170 exclusive colors. Thanks to the high coverage, the interior gets a very matt and beautiful appearance. The paint is antistatic and free of the known chemical odor that is released after the use of conventional paint. Clay paint is made without oils and therefore does not turn yellow. In addition, clay paint contributes to a healthy living environment, because it lacks added acids or acrylics.

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